UNDERSTANDING STOCKS Thousands of books have already been written about the stock market, many of them technical and tedious. Before I wrote this book


This book will be different.

Thousands of books have already been written about the stock market, many of them technical and tedious. Before I wrote this book, I was amazed that so many boring books had been written about such a fascinating subject. Just like you, I hate reading books that put me to sleep

by the second chapter. That is why I was so determined to write an entertaining, easy-to-read, and educational book about the market.

I wanted to write a book that I can hand to you and say, “Read everything in this book if you want to learn quickly about stocks.” You don’t have to be a dummy, idiot, or fool to understand the market. You also don’t have to be a genius. After you read this book, you will realize that understanding stocks is not that hard. (The hard part is making money, but we’ll get to that later.)

I also don’t think you should have to wade through 300 pages to learn about the market. Too many books on stocks are as thick as college textbooks and not nearly as exciting. Even though this book is short, it is packed with information about investing and trading. I did

my best to make sure that you would have a short and easy read.

I wrote this book because I wanted you to know the truth.

As I was writing, a corporate crime wave was sweeping across America. Dozens of corporations were accused of cheating people out of millions of dollars. It upset me that so many investors have become victims of the stock market. It seems as if the name of the game is enticing individual investors into the market so that they can be duped out of all their money.

The insiders on Wall Street and in many corporations understand the rules and know how to use them to lure you into putting your money in the market. In this book, I promise to tell you the truth about how the markets operate. Without that knowledge, you hardly have a chance to

win against the pros who do business on Wall Street. They go to work every day with one goal in mind: to take money away from you.

Because the stock market is a brutal game that is often rigged in favor of the house, you should be quite sure you know what you’re up against before you invest your first dime. Unfortunately, you can’t win unless you know how to play. One goal of this book is to educate you about how the markets operate so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to participate. By the end of the book, you’ll know the players, the rules, and the vocabulary.

I don’t want to scare you, just prepare you.

After my unsettling introduction, you may decide that you don’t want to have anything to do with the stock market. In my opinion, that would be a mistake. First of all, understanding the market can help you make financial decisions. The stock market is the core of our financial

system, and understanding how it works will guide you for the rest of your life. In addition, the market often acts as a crystal ball, showing where the economy is headed.

This book is also ideal for people who still aren’t sure whether to participate in the market. By the last chapter, you should have a better idea as to whether investing directly in the stock market makes sense for you. Although I can’t make any promises, it is also possible that understanding the market will help you build wealth. Perhaps you will put your money into the stock market, but I will give you other investment ideas.

How to Read this Book

If you are a first-time investor (and even if you’re not), I suggest you begin by reading the first, second, and fourth sections. This will give you an overview of the market (Parts One and Two), and ways to avoid viii INTRODUCTIONlosing money (Part Four). Because Part Three is the most challenging and technical, it should be saved for last. As a special bonus, at the end of the last chapter I reveal a trading strategy that has not lost money during the last eight calendar years. I think you’ll be intrigued by this simple but effective strategy that contradicts the advice included in nearly every other investment book.

I wish you the best of luck. I sincerely hope you find that learning about stocks is an enlightening experience, one that you will always remember.

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